Renoise & Asio Drivers

So, I bought this M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard to get myself into the ASIO-age and to get all the other benefits of a modern sound card… but now I find, that I can’t get renoise work as expected… Maybe this is because I don’t fully understand all the aspects of this matter, so here are a few questions:

In the Renoise “Configs/Audio/Device Type” I can choose “ASIO”, and as a device “M-AUDIO Delta ASIO”… I can open the M-Audio Delta control panel from within Renoise, and change the values there.
I’ve set the DMA buffer size as high as 1024 samples, and used the same rate in Renoise’s processingbuffersize (tried 256/256 also, and everything between them), but I still get lots of crackles in the sound :(
Samplerate is 44100, cannot raise it any higher since the cpu cannot keep up …

Why can’t I change the “Outlatency in ms”-values in Renoise, they are fixed depending on the samplerate and processingbuffersize? why is this?

The only setting I’ve been able to use so far is when the Renoise’s “processingbuffersize” is set to 512 and “DMA buffer size” on the delta control panel set to 1024… this still gives crackles in the sound but I’ve used it … But these latencies seem to be HUGE, even comparing to my old SB Live’s performance on DirectSound… How is this possible, isn’t the ASIO supposed to be much faster?

If anyone has got any suggestions what I should check out, they would be highly appreciated… I don’t really like the current situation where I can’t even get to the same performance level as with my old SB Live! :(

ps. Could someone also explain why is it that when I raise the samplerate for example from 44100 -> 96000, the latencies DROP instead if raising…? this just doesn’t fit my small brain :blink: :D

There’s a pinned thread in the tips & tricks section how to tweak your computer for ASIO. That’s a good start. Let us know if you get any better results!

Btw, are you getting better results with v1.5? Because it should be faster.

It can only be changed in your sound card control panel. 1024 means 1024 samples, which is 1024/44100Hz = 0.023s = 23ms.

As you have set the latency in your delta control panel to 1024 samples, and at 96kHz the samples are played more often, the latency in milliseconds will drop. Same equation as above…

1024/96000Hz = 11ms