Renoise AU / VST scan issues

Hi there

Renoise does not like VSTs, well, my VSTs. I simply cannot use them because it crashes on every single scan (no problem with other DAWs).

I’m happy to use AU plugins, but it appears Renoise has not recognized all of my AU plugins.

Is there a manual way to load a specific AU instrument so it is recognized by Renoise?


…or better still, is there a fix for VSTs? Not sure what is going on there…

OK, sort of reached a situation where I can use my VST plugins. It must have been that the 32-bit plugins were causing Renoise to crash, but I’m not sure…

Questions like these are easier to answer if you provide more detail: Operating system, version of Renoise (and if 32 or 64-bit), maybe some system details (CPU, how much RAM), specific VSTs that are crashing (and if 32 or 64-bit), and your VST folder path.

There was another thread on the forums not too long ago on a similar topic. A few people said they had fewer issues (or none) by using a custom VST path (at least on Windows) that avoided system paths.

Yes, you’re right, apologies for the vagueness.

I thought since it’s been brought up before someone might fire away with the exact issue (since it’s known).