Renoise Bonsai Version For Asus Eee Pcs

Yes I am crossposting this (under the field IMPOSSIBLE and TIME WASTE).

What about creating a BONSAI version of Renoise for Asus EEE PCs?

Yes I know, love me, my ideas are wonderful (especially my definitions).

– Frater Sinister
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You can use milkytracker under Eee. Write basic stuff in it, then convert it to Renoise, and master and refx it there. Best way so far.

Here’s a quick idea for you folks who want Renoise working on the EEE… why not use virtual resolution panning? I know windows has the functionality to allow for larger resolutions on a smaller monitor, where the excess falls off the screen, and you can use the mouse to “push” the screen over to where you want it to be on the virtual desktop. Might be better than nothing? :P

Yeah, linux has it too, and it works fine on EEE. Still if the screen had atleast one way the full resolution, it would be more comfortable.

EEE with the hacked drivers will run 1024x768 WITHOUT panning :)


That must look like ass considering the actual resolution of the screen

Surprisingly enough its actually very useable
I am not saying it would be useable for Renoise but hey ;)


Renoise has very small GUI. So most fonts would be unreadable at that compression. So don’t get your hopes up.

Like I said… pan+scan