Renoise Certified Trainers?

Im wondering if there could be a movement somewhat like Ableton, where they have certified trainers and workshops? I know many of us trackers have been doing it for even longer than Live has been in existence. I wonder if there would be a following for this type of thing? I am waiting for 2.8 to be released to start a ground up training session… It would be nice to tag on Renoise Certified Trainer somewhere, after approval of course.

not this m$ shit here, pls

As for now for me it seems that Renoise community is nowhere near as big as Ableton’s is. It’s really far away in terms of popularity.
It may be that it is 20-30 times smaller.
Just the comparison of traffic in ``` — Alexa Traffic Rank: 323,159 Traffic Rank in US: 353,707 — Alexa Traffic Rank: 16,443 Traffic Rank in US: 9,334

Of course the idea is good. Promotion through training sessions is a nice thing. I don't know what the devs think of it — as for Certified Trainers. I think it's all up to DIY philosophy. Getting this official at the moment seems to me to be not in the priorities.

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Interesting. But the more important question to me seems first: Who would care about a certified Renoise trainer? I mean, seriously. What do you have in mind to achieve with a certificate?

The certificate itself now doesn’t seem to be very useful. I guess the agreement than I download the Renoise from backstage, doesn’t forbid this.
But like I said before in my post, if someone wants to give some training sessions and get some money from that, is that a mortal sin? :rolleyes:
Any promotion is good now.

Only a standard of quality… Anyone can post a youtube vid… Ill go find a live certified trainer vid before anything else, only because I know its proven quality… I may even buy it…

I must ask the relevance to the topic… This is about community and publicity mostly. Not M$ standards, but the standards of our dev’s… I would hate to put them in the same group…

yeah, me too

gmm04e, I was talking some bullshit before, nevermind. Just got you wroing. Damn, I forgot about M$ standing for Microsoft shit. :lol:
Then I get your point. In fact I never understood this certification bureaucracy paperwork. Like you said lock-in in example of M$ is a bad thing. But still spreading the word about Renoise, at the current state can benefit all the community.

In fact the lock-in really sucks. Well M$ is close here with Adobe. Adobe for content producers, is even a closer example.

Sad, Ableton is learning quickly, too. Marketing in full-force.

If only Ableton would learn to update their software.

Nowadays marketing teams make software, not engineers, don’t you know?
Throw in some sample packs and plugs and you are good for a few years:)

i’d rather prefer to see “Renoise Certified Users”

you have to go to berlin first

then taktik & co will test your skills to see if you can handle the tracker properly

if so, you get a nice Diploma to show your mom and friends

also you receive a new forum status “Certified Skilled Renoise User” (CSRU)


…and then you might get a full version license. Failing users have to stay with the demo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The day renoise goes to corporate bullshit crap like “certified trainers” I’m outta here… what do you need this stuff for? for learning? this is what forums and tutorials are for: to watch and learn. spend some time with the software.

I sell “Renoise Certified Trainer” certificates.

500 Euro each.

PM Me. Wait, don’t.

On a more serious note, here’s something I wrote (slightly edited for the purposes of this thread) in the secret chambers back in January 2011:

This never happened because I have no free time. But, that was the idea.

Exactly my point… I am a trainer at heart and would like to get more people interested in Renoise. I don’t see how people are flying off the wall here talking about corporate bullsh!t… It’s like every time there is a post on this board someone is right there to say how bad the idea is and poke at the flaws… Be more positive guys… Maybe the community would grow more if you were.

Now I almost feel sorry I posted this… almost feel sorry for trying to expand the community and get new people into enjoying Renoise. Some people here disgust me. Its about the music and the willingness of some people to extend their knowledge. If you aren’t interested in teaching or learning, stay the hell out of this thread… And you have a VERY hard long life ahead of you…

Edit: I was hoping to see what the Renoise team thinks… I would be more than happy to capitalize on the situation. But then again I would more like to see Renoise representatives in different areas. I’m not looking at this as a corporate move, everyone still keeps all their freedoms… Just an example: I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. There is a MASSIVE EDM scene between us and Detroit… Yet, we will never have the opportunity to go to a Renoise conference… then again, most people don’t know what it is because there is no marketing here. That can easily be changed…

I dont mean certified as in a certificate, I mean a slight nod from the Renoise team and maybe a list on the site. If people are more interested in keeping Renoise in the unknown I understand. But the more users, the more monetary support to the Renoise team. The price point already makes people think automatically it’s a small project first impression before buying. If there was a large eneugh supporting base behind it, people would realize exactly how powerful and large of a project Renoise is…