Renoise Certified Trainers?

I am on the Renoise Team…

The “secret chambers” are the Renoise Team discussion areas.

Just saying.

@see: Say It, Don't Spray It.

The “corporate bullshit” was about being “certified”. What for? I don’t understand this and it makes me think about corporations and their marketing policies. If you think you know renoise enough to teach other people then do it if you like. I’m not against learning and workshops. My previous post was harsh, I admit and I’m sorry for making you feel bad.

I should reword it… maybe “Local Recognized Representatives”… Its one thing to try and start a workshop as an independent person, but having the backing of the Team involved shows it is a legitimate workshop with someone who knows what they are doing. I bet if I were to try and start a workshop, rent the space at the local college, I would have very few people show up compared to it being a legitimate, recognized event from the Renoise community.

Ok, I understand now. I think the word “patronage” better describes your idea. Sorry for my previous reaction.

My thoughts on this matter:

There’s quite a few of us here who know aspects Renoise very deeply. If you hang out here long enough it should be obvious who those people are. Of that group quite a number of them can articulate themselves well enough to shed light on expert matters of Renoise use. And there is more than enough info out there on the basics. I see it up to the community members to step up whenever they feel appropriate in their own way to share the good knowledge. This is already happening.

Play and engagement are the ways forward for users wanting to learn. Play and engagement with the software and the community. Get involved. The action is here.

Sounds much like the way I thought things would go… Maybe I will make some content and hopefully it will end up on In Depth… or I may do something else. Maybe with further development there will we a larger user-base in the future. I know the community within this site are quite active and are quick to help anyone, its a definite plus over the larger scale competing products. Look out for some new stuff from me soon ;)