Renoise.Com Is Worth 150,762,6 Dollars

just saw a thread about what KVR was worth so tried to do a seach on

heres a link

Ock. That’s alot of money.
And to think that this (in essence) started with square wave bleeps…
150,762,6 DOLLARS!?

I was expecting $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! I wasn’t but you know what I mean…
RENOISE IS, AFTER ALL, AWESOME!!! :guitar: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:

Try evaluating

Google wins the internet.

Oh ok. It’s $150,762.6

First I thought it was $1,507,626 due to bad numeric separation. Still much valuable.

sell it!
buy a small island somewhere and declare it a country.
now you have the rights to create a new top level domain (like .com, .net are) and say you want it to be .xrns.
then just create the website http://renoise.xrns

you should still have some dollars but if necessary put ads on the site to pay for keeping an island

That site says every domain I check is worth >$4,000USD

Seriously, do it. :o

Will we get dual nationality when registering Renoise?

More important, can I get a HOUSE there?

I think, it means nothing ! :guitar:

My website worth 18.751,82 euros (or 24,650.74 US dollars).

And after !!! Really funny ! :lol:

haha renoise island. :w00t: perhaps this thread should be moved to feature suggestions?

Mine’s only worth $3,000 :(

I think we all already have the visa for the island ;)