Renoise Compatible Vst List

Some users from #renoise have turned me onto forums that have lists of compatible VSTs for their programs.

I think its about time we have our list of Renoise compatible Vst + Vst(i) list. ( some don’t seem to work, but that might be because i use a mac… )

It’d be nice to have an idea of what plugins other tracksters use…

Here, I’ll start out by throwing one out there…

I know some argue that Renoise does not need a beatslicer [its legit, we all saw the video] … but i cant ever say no to a new toy ;)


An incompatibility list would be much shorter?

As of yet, renoise doesn’t supports multiple inputs/outputs I think. Etc, some other restrictions might apply. But everything else should work, unless it is buggy.

Johann, that would be the best part of it…

i’d love to have a long list of Vsts within reach, instead of googling everytime i want to find a specific or new effect.


Okay, and there is a thread with VST stuff - but IMHO forum posts don’t really make a good list, something wiki style might be better?

Typically, one should assume that all VSTs would work with Renoise unless otherwise stated. If you want a comprehensive list of all known VSTs and VSTIs, check out KVR’s VST Database