Renoise Con?

I don’t know if any one of you ever had this idea, but we should organise a conference for renoise users so everyone can meet and showcase their ideas, scripts, plugins, tips, etc.

There was one this year in Cologne Germany. It was called Evoke.

Sadly enough that was way before I discovered Renoise. I would attend such a Con if it were in my vicinity (which is Munich).

We should implement this in Canada. I had the idea to go down to Montreal this summer. A lot of ya Europeans run this populace so it would be AMAZING to come down there for my first time to a Renoise Con for sure. <3 just money is a problem… maybe we could have it in a central location throughout US, Canada, Japan and Europe and have it broadcasted with sound… That would be neat =)

I’ve suggested trying to get a London one together before. Or at least a meet of London/UK based Renoise users…

I suggest we do this “con” together with some demoparty. Probably evoke again, as there was more renoise users there than people who don’t use Renoise. :D

I’m up for this if it happens

Let’s make it something like cosplay. I’d be dressed like pattern editor.

I would be so down for this. Maybe some free renoise merch to encourage us to make the trip? ;)

I’m down if anything happens anywhere remotely near Texas. Canada is fine too. I should have my official citizenship there soon.

Well for Canada I would be more than happy to host. We need to have some leaders per area, reasonable location for area travel etc. This should be implemented. We would set the bar for other DAWs to maybe move in the same direction with press coverage. We should really take this into consideration.

For the southern part of germany, I would like to help organizing such a con, too. Maybe in parallel to some existing demoscene conference / event?

The Revision is in southern Germany, Saarbrücken. Maybe create an event a day before Revision, somewhere close to Saarbrücken or something?

  1. Rent a club.
  2. Put on some DJs.
  3. Drink beer and chat.
  4. Watch demos and compete on Revision the next days.
  5. Profit!

Sounds good. As far as I can tell (I am totally new to all this), the Revision during April and the Evoke during August are the biggest demo parties in Germany.

Why not making it a seminar / workshop at one of the parties? Thus some more people might want to attend.

There was renoise seminar / workshop in Evoke.