Renoise cover songs?

Is there a place where a collection of Renoise cover songs exist? I’m looking for a renoise version of the NES video game Double Dragon.

You could make your own from a .mid file…

Here, I found a source—just click the download link that pops up in the player window once you click one:

Then toss in some chip samples and you’re good to go, dude.

Share it here when you’re done—I’d love to hear it :)


I was meaning to get back to this post. The .mid file import worked.
And I used this vst
to simulate the NES sound. It couldn’t get it to sound how I liked.
I’ll probably try again in the future.
So no soundcloud tune yet.

Thanks for the help. :)

Here’s a cover I did of the main theme from “Halloween”. No midi files, but I did use some sheet music.

Awesome! Thanks for the post. Any one else have some cover songs for this thread?