Renoise CPU Indicator too high?

Hy , i have installed R3.0 Rc2 and i found this strange problem.

I use a Sony Vaio , integrated audio , 8gbRam , Cpu i7 .
I have loaded a song without the adapter charge , so i was working with battery , and cpu use was really too high , 100% … renoise stopped the audio driver, as it must to do .
This is strange because when i am at home , that song load al least 40% of my cpu, so when i returned home i plugged the charger and cpu retourned ad 40,50%.
It is a strange thing so i opened the windows tast menager and , in Win TManager, cpu is 15% …meanwhile Renoise indicator il 50% How it is possible ?

Sorry for my bad English please =)

Its just a guess, but you might want to check your power settings in the control panel. My laptop by default was set to a “balanced” power plan while running off the battery. So the cpu didnt run at full speed and the screen was dimmed among other things. Hope it helps.

Thanks for reply , and yes, your answer is correct but this is not the case… i will explane :
What you say is true and infact if there is no power , the “powerpaln” goes to economize the resources and cpu is highter while power supply is not on , but the problem still remain .

So , without power supply :
Task manager = 30%
Renoise = 90% and more , sound driver stopped.

With power supply :
Tast manager : 18%
Renoise = 50%

The percentage change , but the problem remains … is like as renoise don’t recognize more than one or two core …

See Renoise CPU meters vs. Taskmanager CPU meters please for an in-depth discussion, explanation of what the Renoise CPU meter shows and what not.

Ok , it’s a little bitt long reading, i need time, but ok , I generally uderstand the problem now