Renoise Crashed During Saving - File Damaged - How To Recover It???


I got a big Problem. Renoise 2.6 crashed during i saved a file. i have got no backup, and it did not gave me a recoverysave on startup.
The file is damaged now. Its size decreased to 10% of the original (so it cant have everything in it)
I know that there is a way to recover already deleted files, so there might be a way to recover this file, as it has been before the crash.

Do you know any way? I´ll try out everything. I´m working about 2 months on this. It was my very best work ive ever done… :confused:

Please tell me if you have got an idea.



€: atm im trying out PC insppector File recovery

I thought Renoise is currently saving to the Temp folder first and then copying it to the target folder, but that was just my perception with 2.6.0 when i was saving my own songs, Taktik can confirm this, but if this is so, there might be a copy that survived in your temp folder and Renoise crashed during the copy of that file.

The other old way would be attempting to zip-fix the salvage of the file you still have and hope that the song.xml can be extracted to its full size. (The xrns file is in plain zip format)

If you want my advise:enable the backup mechanism in the plug/misc preferences. Saves you from large catastrophes like this.

That was what i thought at first, but there was no Data over 1 MB.

Yeah thats what i thought too… but 6 MB instead of 60… :confused:
I threw it in winrar. i cannot extract anything because of the end of the zip is a suprise, but the files are in it, without being damaged. song.xml is in it.

yeye… normally i backup my self… but with this song i didnt… :confused:

Why did Renoise crash? Can you post the crash log?

Renoise -> Help -> Show The Log File

The following situation.
I was downloading a bigger data with a downloadmanager. (This slowed down my computer)
I used renoise and I wanted to stop. I just said save (and not save as cry) and it started saving.
This project needet about 30 seconds to save, i dont wanted to wait and i clicked at the downloadmanager to look how far it loadet.
The next thing was that everything, but not the mouse nearly freezed, i clicked back on rns, but there came up the critic error msg with (no reply).
and i clicked shutdown now, and i forgott that it is saving. nothing happened a longer time I waited and was scared about my project being damaged, and it has become true.

In the log file the last date is the 4th of nov so i am missing some dates. its nothing there about this crash and the sessions before. But you can find it here:

€ I also uploaded the projectdata… may you try to extract something??? its called “dnb 0@work.xrns”

Ive got a backup wich is about 1.5 months old… many samples are in it, but nothing is written.
I want the song.xls

€€ YEAHH!! i used the winrarfunction REPAIR, and no i can open the file with renoise. everything is there, but only the samples. the compo/automations/effects are the most important thing…


same thing happend to me,when trying to record in long peices of audio, it said ’ out of memory ’ then crashed whilst saving, now the file is corrupted

try to open the file with winrar and use the repair function then open and look whats left

tjah: I know this unfortunately won’t help you with the song, but it would be very important to find out more details about the freeze. According to the logs, there was no Renoise error. Did windows or some other program freeze which forced you to reboot the computer? If that’s the case then there really is not much we could do here. If it was an Renoise error, can you remember which one? Any more details may help here.