Renoise crashes whenever it starts to read VSTs

Hi guys, hopefully you can help me out with this one. I’m sorta losing my mind over here.

This is a pretty new computer, so I went through a bunch of installations and setups and you know. I finally had Renoise mostly all set up, VSTs and all, but then after one restart, I got an unduplicable error that said something about Config.xml and Keybindings.xml not being read properly in AppData/Roaming/Renoise/V3.0.1.

This would explain why I have to load my keybindings again, but the important bit here is that it also means Renoise is now reading 0 VST plugins. So I’m like okay, I’ll just go into preferences and set the path again. Only this time, whenever I set the VSTs folder, Renoise gets as far as “Searching for new VST plugins…” in the bottom bar before not responding. When I kill the program and restart it, it doesn’t remember the path I set in Preferences. It doesn’t attempt to continue from where it left off. It just has 0 VSTs read again. So I’m caught in a loop of never having VSTs. :<

I can’t figure out what I’d have to change in Config.xml (or why I even got that error in the first place), because I don’t see an entry for “vst file path” or anything like that. What do you guys think?

Ever since 3.0 my Renoise goes unresponsive when I rescan VSTs too. I posted about it once and assumed it was just me since noone else seemed to have the problem. But if i just let it be for a few minutes it will eventually start scanning VSTs like normal. Sometimes it takes a while though. Once it actually starts scanning the VSTs it scans them really fast, but it just goes unresponsive for a bit first. I did have to set it to not scan on startup, else I’d have to wait this long for Renoise to even start.

Try just waiting several minutes to see if it will come out of unresponsiveness and just start working like mine does.

Oh you’ve GOT to be kidding me, I opened Renoise again to try Carbonthief’s idea and all the VSTs are just loaded immediately. Who knows what’ll happen next. Hopefully it’s okay to just make another post as soon as something different happens.

If you want to try to replicate the issue, download some random free VST, drop it in your VST directory, and rescan.