Renoise, Cubase, Reason, Rewire Question


I have just another question. I own Cubase SE3 and Reason 3. I can connect Cubase and Reason together (ReWire).

Now my question:

Is it possible to use instruments from Reason in Renoise? (ReWire and Cubase as bridge between Renoise and Reason).

I’m not sure if this is a beginner question but maybe anyone is here who knows this combination ;)


PS: Sorry again for my bad english :P

Renoise currently does not support ReWire technology if that’s what you mean.
You can connect with Renoise using Midi clock slave settings and tricking around with MIDI Yoke.
But you might as well render your output to file first and import the wave into Reason or Cubase.
This will be a bit easier when user-bpm settings match actual bpm rate in the next edition.

Thanks for the fast answer :)