the Renoise Delay needs filters.

It sounds full of feedback noise that I do not have when I (would have) filtered the delay.

Both high and low pass needs to be applied to the wet signal to be of any use.
Or one notch filter with custom width instead, but I prefer two filters.

Up so far, Renoise internal Delay gives so much feedback noise.

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You could use the multitap delay dsp unit… it has integrated filters. LP, HP, BP with variable Q, and Notch

You could also set up a simple filter bank doofer to insert before and/or after the delay. That wouldn’t attenuate the delay line itself (if that’s what you’re after), but might eliminate problematic frequencies


I just place the delay with “mute source” in it’s own send or group track, and use a keep source send on the original tracks. Then you can put pre/post filter, eq, whatever, on the delay (or reverbs as well) to your liking. Being able to EQ only the wet part of a reverb is a game-changer, you can notch out all frequencies that obstruct the sound making it muddy, until the reverb is on the spot in creating spacy atmosphere without messing up the mix!