Renoise Ditches My Preferences When I Turn It Off

Hey yall,

It seems every time I shut down Renoise it forgets all the preferences I set, including key shortcuts, views, my vst folder, etc. Manually loading these back in is a pain, especially setting the vst folder since I then have to reload the song afterward, otherwise it doesn’t recognize the instruments in use. Obviously I’ve saved my songs multiple times, which I thought saved preferences, but on startup the program acts like I haven’t used it before. The “Recently Loaded” menu is always blank even if I’ve loaded a bunch of different songs in a previous session. I am running version 261 on windows and had this same problem sporadically in the past on a different pc. :huh:

looks like a permission issue which prevents the configuration file from being written at application exiting.

Could you please look if there is something about this in the log file?
Help => Show the log file