Renoise Doesn'T Like Rob Papen'S (Rg, Predator) Vsti

I’ve seen several topics on that, some say these instruments show up as effects, other have those unresolved… I personally can’t see those VSTis anywhere in renoise. I checked in other programs (flstudio and ableton) which had no problems at all. I’m using the latest Renoise build (2.6.0) and Win7 x64. How can this be fixed? Thank you.


Instruments show up in “Plugin Instrument (VST/AU) Properties”, at the bottom in the “Instruments Settings” tab.


If you don’t see the plugins, try hitting “Rescan” in the settings panel, or changing the paths.



I had this once with my Virus TI software.
If the above solution doesn’t help, you can always try to go to your:
appdata folder in your documents and settings. and delete “CachedVSTs_x86.db”