Renoise Doesn't See Some Vst Plugins

Well, i got my new PC with I7 CPU 1600MHZ ram, 1000 rpm hd and other things, and Win Vista x64 OS.
I installed all the stuff but unfortunately it doesn’t show some of the Izotope VST plugins (Ozone, Spectron, Trash) no matter what i do, how many times i reinstall them or change the location of the DLL files.

What could the problem be? On my old Pentium 4 computer everything is fine, the same Renoise version (latest), etc…

i dont own them myself but i can remember these plugs need a runtime lib to work right. should be in shared data folder on your home dir.


Thank you, will try that as soon as i’m back home from work ;)

Guess what, the thing was that Renoise doesn’t support x64 plugins.
As soon as i uninstalled the x64 versions and installed 32 bit ones, it started to work. The same thing was with some of the PSP plugs, Sylenth1 and some other plugs, i had to uninstall 64 bit verisions to install x86 ones and it worked!