Renoise + Drum Maschine/arturia Spark

Not sure where to post this but I am thinking about purchasing a drum maschine like arturia spark or NI maschine. I am curious to know if anyone used these tools on renoise and does it work well?

I think, if you are going to buy a drum machine with Renoise, you must choose very carefully. A drum machine should be more about the sound of the drums, than its ability to sequence. This because, Renoise destroys all drum machine sequencers, Renoise is just a killer tool for getting amazing drum parts; if you take Fxpansion’s tremor for eg, and compare the sequencing in that to Renoise, the results are obvious. Renoise is for more flexible, far more precise, and far more enabled to minipulate the temporal flow of drums.

That said, I totally understand somebody buying something like the Nord Drum, or BFD, or even Machine, Spark, whatever… For their sounds.

But for sequencing, you can not beat learning to use Renoise…

And just FYI about sounds… There are quite a few where a better result comes from synthesizing yourself and avoiding a commercial sample pack. Obviously Nord drum is a synth, kinda the odd man out, like a unique tool in the cluttered world of drum sounds/synth/vst etc etc

Sequencing for Renoise is good, I was just looking for good drums and a controller. Spark has a lot of drums and I think it can be synthesized. Overall just looking for sounds not limiting to sample packs. Thanks for your advice