Renoise Dubstep Tracks

wobble wonk


topic says it all really

hope you enjoy what you hear!

big ups to renoise developers as always for making such a deep programme so enjoyable to use…


I like both, but I think they need more bass, don’t you think so?

BTW, just because of curiosity, what external plugins, vst, etc. have you used?

more bass… well, they were mixed without a sub-woofer so its a little hard to judge those subsonic frequencies.
I’ve done mixes in the past where i’ve been too generous with the sub-bass and its sucked all the energy out of the mix when i’ve played it on PA systems. I played out recently on an 8k rig, and there seemed to be enough bass, but then everyone has different thresholds…
maybe more synth bass but less low end on the kick drum?
most of the sounds are from a nord modular mk1 synth, processed through a TC M300 reverb unit.
i use the antress modern vst plug-ins for analogue-emulation eq and compression.
I use the rocket compressor a lot, and find the stillwell and schwa plug-ins particularly good.
then there’s a bit of reaktor FX and synths in there
i’ve got pianoteq as well which is used in unravel
i think i used the nord as an fx processor too, as it has sidechain capabilities.
thanks for your comment

I heard your tracks and I think you did the right thing by being conservative with the bass, I think there is just enough. Mind you i am no expert and did not listen with monitors, however, they are in keeping with most tracks of the genre. Just enough so when they play on a big sound system they will sound massive! :)

Yes, I ment more synth bass, not kick, you know, those sine waves in the octave 0 :D … anyway, I’m no expert at mixing, but I understand what you mean, you have to get a balance with the elements in the mix. Sometimes I know what is the problem but I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t know about more bass. The subbass is total killer here and makes my walls shake. :)

ah, well thats reassuring then! B)

There you go…As i said…It would absolutely f$%^ing kill on a big system…wasn’t listening on monitors, however, it sounded like the sub of other like tracks I have listened to in the same environment.
Rock on :drummer:

nice² work chills