Renoise Dx Handling

We just had a major system crash in our studio, and is left with a sh!tload of rns files which uses dx plugs. All these files want the dx plugs to be installed in the exact location that they where previously installed in, or they will not function at all…

Now this presents a bit of a problem for us, as we can not remember where they where installed…
The path could be something like:
c: audio waves
c: program waves
c: audioappz waves
c: program files waves

Now the question, is there anyway to get the original path description back so we could reinstall the plugs in the same way again?

I just have to mention that we use a dx to vst wrapper (as it wasn’t obvious).

Thnx in advance…

Rns… rox…

ps. alpha is not stable enough to do serious work with, yet.

any help, here please?

I found the problem…

Seems that the wrapper (vb audio - ffx4) saves its own little config file.
And after a system crash (hd crash) all the settings are gone, couse that file is missing :(

The file is named something like:

So if you use dx plugs in rns, make damn sure to back that file up.