#renoise @espernet

I left #renoise channel on espernet, this is the first channel ive ever left becuase i didnt feel I wanted to be part of the ongoing vibe in a irc channel.

for me renoise is a tool you pay for so one would expect some more professional approach in the support channel as well.

Nice thing about an official channel, it should just not be run by a person who spams junk repeatable words to fill my window when he thinks its funny…nor missing out the standard way of doing a normal topic line…now its full of pointless words…no urls for renoise.com nor the wiki. just text about how nice it is.

I fear its a part of me that dont like Byte-smasher and the way he normaly on a daily basis communicate with him self or others…hes ok…but the wrong person to manage the channel.

cheers from gk

waiting for that new .exe on my account :)

I think it is better to ventilate your issues of anyone at the IRC channel in a personal matter.
The IRC channel has been pronounced “official” but was not planned up front and the main admin was not officially chosen by the team.

If you have a support issue and you feel not getting enough help on the channel, you might as well try the board anyway. You get faster unconditioned support here than many official online support channels of various software companies truely offer.

I stepped up to running the channel because nobody else was. You’re the only person who has complained about the way I run the channel, and you’ve given me some very vague reasons as to why. You may not like the way I’m communicating in the channel, but you’ve not brought any one specific instance of me saying something that’s offended you to my attention. If it wasn’t for the idle chatter that goes on between the members of the channel, it would have died long ago… idle chatter is what keeps such a channel alive. You complain about #renoise, but you also hang out in #modarchive, and the same inane chat goes on there. I’ve never once seen you attack m0d for being a bad op. May I also remind you that Bantai and It-Alien are operators in #renoise, and all the ops equally “run” the channel. Also, neither of them have ever approached me about any lack of taste I might have while chatting.

True, I occasionally spam random words. Often, this is when the channel is idle. I’m not into the practice of flooding the channel with crap when there’s meaningful conversation going on. The only reason I feel justified in occasionally posting random crap when there’s no action is because it stimulates conversation… that eventually gets somewhat meaningful. Again, joking around is something that keeps a channel alive… it keeps people communicating, and it’s not harmful. If you have an issue with humor, albeit bad humor at times, then perhaps you should look into becomming a monk. Btw, I’ve looked through the #renoise logs, and it seems that I chat more about renoise in that channel every day than you have in the entire time you’ve been there. I’d be more than willing to post said logs online so others could review them as well.

As for the topic, there are no predefined rules for how a topic should look. The fact that I have no link to the renoise channel or the tutorial site in the channel topic has to do with 2 things. First, IRC protocol restricts topic space. Lon URLs are ugly. Second, everyone in the channel knows where the Renoise site and the tutorial site are… and those who don’t will get a very quick answer if they ask.

If you’re indicating that you would like more of the renoise team to join the channel, then perhaps you should ask them. I started the channel as an independant channel that became somewhat officially sanctioned as “official”. It’s meant as a community channel more than anything, but the members of the channel are not going to pass up an opportunity to provide peer support. I’ve seen you ask a few support related questions to the team members. Whether or not they replied is beyond my juristiction… and if they didn’t, you made no mention of it after.

If you don’t want to be there, that’s perfectly fine. Making a public announcement about it, however, seems a bit childish. If you have valid issues with the channel, you can address them to me, and I’ll see what I can do. To be quite honest, what you’ve done here doesn’t do anything to help the channel. In fact, if anything, it serves to harm it.

Oh… and I’m not the only one that engages in idle chatter ;) :
[16:05] i like butifull women
[16:05] top nothc i go for

So, here’s where I stand on the whole thing: I started this channel to help members of the community. It’s an official channel, yes, but that does not guarantee that a team member will be online 100% of the time, (that’s up to them, not me) and it certainly goes not guarantee that there will be no offtopic chat of any kind. I honestly don’t know of ANY channel that stays even 50% on topic all the time… at least I’ve never been in one, and I idle in 4 different networks on aprox 21 channels. We’ve got all the normal things an IRC channel has: Ops, a bot, idlers, chatters, and a stats page. We talk about renoise… VERY OFTEN. And, from my point of view, you’ve hardly shown any reason why the channel has been run badly. If you wish to expand, please do. I want to make this channel as useful to the renoise community as possible, but without constructive criticism, I can’t possibly do that.

I see the Renoise-Channel this way: I know a lot about Renoise and if sb. asks me, I try to help. But most of the time, I prefer to chit-chat with other renoisers. It’s just FUN for me :)

Okay, i’ve moved the thread to the area it belongs to now.
I think it is not relevant to continue this debate any longer however.
It is clear that this discussion could have been resolved behind closed doors, ask first to find out if your assumptions are truely correct.

If people have issues with somebody on a personal aspect, address them personally by means of mail / pm or right on the IRC channel; the public forum is not the space for personal rants.