Renoise & Evolution Mk-449c

:huh: Can anyone tell me how to setup an Evolution MK-449c to work in Renoise?

There shouldn’t be something special about this one.

  1. plug the USB cable in and start Renoise
  2. goto “Configs -> Midi” within Renoise and select the keyboard as “In device A”
  3. move a knob or hit a key to check if Renoise receives the midi data (LED at right top of Renoise)
  4. look below, to find out about assigning knobs to VSTs and how to automate them…ngUpMIDIDevices…IDIRemoteMapper

yeh and install the evolution usb driver…


You only need USB drivers for Win98, right? Or is there anything special about the evolution driver, cause I don’t remember installing that one…

Normally you don’t need to install the driver for XP, but if you have multiple devices like i have, it displays the proper names in the selection box for the controllers. Also i’m not sure about the Enigma software though, i seem to remember that the driver had an advantage, but i’m not sure what it was. :D

im on w2k and needed the driver.
evolution has several drivers/pacthes for their hardware.
check it on evolution site.

oh, im using the mk-249c btw.


Just installed the driver. And I have a MK-249C 2. So now I can see the name in Renoise. Anyone knows if there are other changes than this? Couldn’t find any info on the download page.

Maybe you’ll find some infos in the Enigma documentation, you’ll need to register, to download the software.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!