Renoise Expressions

Sounds really cool, would love that feature.

Ermi, i’m not familiar with your production style, but this doesn’t just stop at devices. Theoretically, with a little ambition, such a scripting language could extend to such things as what instrument is playing.

For instance, lets say you have a complex drum programming sequence, but you want every time a snare hits for an EQ to drop the highend by a certain percentage. Or perhaps you could make every kick push the low-end and every snare do a filtersweep down.

The idea is simply to be able to interconnect all the different aspects of the software in a freeform and potentially dangerous way :) I like the idea that we could create a bizarre contraption that adjusts the master out or pan of tracks or whatever we want based on the current position in an instrument envelope. Perhaps the script is so crazy it crashes the software, so what, it was my fault for making a crap script. Back to the drawing board.

It lets us do weird things the developers haven’t the time to make easy for us.

And anything is faster than copying and adjusting envelopes for every single hit of an instrument on every single track :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

perhaps even using the actual player commands as “variables” or definition of, would be a method to use to save us remembering a whole new load of words.

Love the IDEA!

Dev’s ? Any comments please! Is it possible physically anyway ?
Is the implementation hard ?

Bump. Still no dev response on this. I’d really like to hear sound counterargumentation, if just to ease my soul :)

this is really the best idea anyone’s had.

If the next upgrade solely implemented this, I would be ecstatic.

Common devs, let’s have a comment :)

/me has been meaning to play about with buzz for a while now.

Damn I hate working all the time :-/

I’m -totally- for anything that deals with scripting inside of renoise.

I like scripting :)

wow! i was hoping this discussion would get resurrected…

so what’s renoisescript based on? lisp? python? ruby? :lol:

i hope a kinda simplified c.
rEnOiSeBaSiC would be fine too ;)

C64 Assembly

Nah Z80 all the way :)

an SQL style language would work well for pattern editing… i mean the pattern is just a big table with typed fields. would be a yummy way of doing advanced edit type stuff without a mouse… sigh :rolleyes:

Z80? what the f****!?! ok… my new vote’s for qBASIC…

Z80 Assembly rulez 4eva! Second that. It’s simply and effective :yeah:

To be truthful I can’t actually remembe any of my Z80 codes. Been a long time since I had to touch it ;)

Yeah pretty long time passed … So i still remember some codes…like LD or JP :P
But i’ve completely forget special coding technix and combos :(

ECMA standard would be my suggestion. JavaScript/Java/Actionscript2/C++/C#. These languages are immediatly readable by total newbies if written easily. MyObject.myProperty = myValue; Perhaps ditch stuff like semicolons and have python-style blocks, such as tabs instead of {} and linebreaks instead of semicolon.

hi guys, nice idea!
did any dev ever say they are
going to look into this type of feature?

there was a little hint from taktik that this is not a bad idea at all. ;)