Renoise & Ezdrummer

I’ve been trying out renoise with ez drummer but I’m having some problems.

The best solution for me would be simply to drag and drop the midi groove from EZDrummer into Renoise but unfortunately that doesn’t work (is there any way to import midi notes into renoise?)

Maybe as a workaround I can use energy XT? In energy xt I can drag&drop the groove into the XT sequencer and it plays fine internally in XT.

My next problem is then how do I trigger the energy xt “loop” in its sequencer from Renoise?

Any ideas?


Renoise can load MID files exactly as it does load XRNS files from the disk browser. I never used EZ drummer, so I don’t know if it use standard MID files to store its grooves. In that case, you could simply load the MID files from the disk browser and, if you need to load more than one groove into a song, you could open two Renoise instances, load the MID files into one, copy the needed patterns, and paste them into the other instance.

this is because Renoise cannot load MID files as patterns, but only as entire songs.

If you just wanna synch the sequencer in eXT to renoise, then you add a sequencer in eXT. Go to Option in the sequencer, synchmode - external.
Now it will synch with renoise.

If you just wanna trigger a midipart in eXT by pressing a key in renoise:
open eXT, add your vsti, add a midi part, connect the midi part inbetween the Master In and Vsti in eXT. Open the midi part. Compose/drag/drop midi file here. On the left in this midi part you can set how to trigger it (which key, hold key, toggle key, CC# etc)

btw… if you gonna trigger a lot of stuff you really should have a look at the ‘Live mode’ in the sequencer. Read the manual for eXT how to do this.


I also am trying out ezdrummer in renoise. It worked for the most part (except for dragging and dropping) in 1.8.0 b4 … however it doesn’t work at all in rc1 … any ideas? any chance this will be fixed by the final release?

Hrm … ne’er mind … seems to work just fine now … sorry - probably nothing …