Renoise Fan/user/developer Meeting

in germany … it’s 1:28 am … and my last thoughts @ the moment are:

what’s about a Renoise Fan/User/Developer meeting in a central place of europe …

your opinion?

(i think a nice coffee-shop in the netherlands are the right place ??? :lol: )

that’s all 4 the moment … i wish a good night … ;)

Maaan, have you been drinking too tonight?! hehe…

Anyway a coffee-shop do sounds nice though, i just might join the “trip” for the hell of it :D

edit: btw. it’s 2:04 in Denmark right now, and my thought is about another beer

YES! :lol: :lol: “Francois Dulac” dry red wine :D

It would be real great to meat som renoisers, but I do not have my next holiday till next summer … lets meed at the roskilde festival in denmark next year :D MUCH better than a coffee-shop, I promise you :)

it’s Saturday 11:48 in Sweden and I have a headache… hangover :blink: :P

5:14 pm Germany and I´m not drunken but I will tonight I promise :)

Ahh, I guess the best way to met some Renoisers is to visit some demoparties like Breakpoint or Buenzli or Mekka & Symposium (which I hope will get back up in the future) or else.

And the chance is very very big to see one or two of the Renoise devs. (Experience says it :))

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well, I haven’t visited a demoparty since 1998, and it was about 10 years since I had fun on one of thouse parties, so I realy don’t consider to visit one in the near future, I rather go to rock festivals instead and do some sex, drugs and rock’n’roll ;)

yes, twilek - thats it … demoparties are something for pc-freaks who will be horny by flickering displays and crashed harddisks :lol: … but i think i’m a musician …
good idea … twilek … roskilde … i never been there before. i only visit german goth events …

I say, make a seperate string called “user meetings” or sumthin, everybody who are going to some happening and want to see if other renoise-users are going there and want to meet up, post a message within the string, and users can reply.

Only this won’t work now, as the board already is overloaded…

Oh, and I’m not drunk, just damn tired after sobering up at the bus station for 4 hours, waiting for the damned bus…