Renoise file extension

I suppose it’s either too late or too much work to do, but it’s a shame the .rns Renoise song extension is the same as the Reason song ext. I use both and all my Renoise songs are associated with Reason <_<
Couldn’t it have been .rno or something instead?

martB ¦¬)

I haven’t got the point with these 3 chars extensions… why not .renoise ?? Or is this a stupid win95 compability issue? :unsure:

we don’t call them modules anymore so .RNM makes no sense.
the extension can be longer, and you can associate extension by yourself if you like… simply select program to open renoise and that’s it.

it is not that we hardcoded .RNS with renoise :)

actually, why renaming it… simply uninstall reason :D

What phazze’s trying to say is: you can rename the renoise files and associate them with renoise (I think).

Is there a way to save them to a certain extension by default in renoise itself?