Renoise For Free

Hello everybody!

I want to give away my Renoise licence for free since I don’t have the time to use it at the moment.

Someone wants it?

Support: Is this possible.

Best regards mr_keen

Sorry to say dude, but I’m not sure the license agreement allows you to do this

So it is maybe possible. Give me your e-mail and your name and I’ll send a mail to Renoise. You can send it to magnar.jansen @g m If you dont want to post here.

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Marco :)

come on… renoise costs barely nothing compared to other sequencers on the market. we have better support and in many ways better development because of excellent coders and just as good testers.

if you like renoise, SUPPORT it! don’t give you free licence away. don’t ask to have a free licence. i am sure you can afford it since you can afford to own a computer.

my $0.02 :)

You know - it’s true xerxes.
I’m looking at getting it for Christmas myself.

Truth be told I don’t even think it’s possible.

Twas a freebie kneejerk hehe :D

Meaning, you may have time to use it some time later, meaning you may even purchase it later, as I interpet.

So, Botenburg gets a free gift, gets to use Renoise to its fullest and Mr Keen might even purchase it later when he has the time to indulge in the tracking again. Win-win.

What’s the big fuzz? :rolleyes:

tricky case really … obviously I would take it for free, I’m ‘poor’ enough to really feel 50 E.
But I got xerxes’s point so I considered it prudent to retract my post.

A renoise gift would pretty much make my day but I’m pretty certain I’ll buy it for Xmas anyway.

Marco :)

Take the gift now and buy it for mr_keen for Christmas ;)

I saw on the backstage that my licence maybe won’t last for a very long time. Until that time I have no time to use Renoise even if I like trackers.

When did you buy it? I think Renoise took 5 years to reach 1.9, so unless you bought 1.0 I wouldn’t bet that your license expires too soon… and even then you can still keep using Renoise, just not newer versions.

OK… if it’s watertight and the devs say it’s ok I’m queuing for the freebie.
bonteburg_yahoo_dot_com or arsehandle_yahoo_dot_com.


Isn’t Renoise free? I mean, before i bought it and was on the free version it was my decision to buy it, not just for the rendering features and asio support, but for the updates and for making this into a really outstanding app. It’s like a donation for the Renoise community.
It’s probably the best investment ever. Definitely worth 50EUR.
It’s all about priorities. If you use the free version for 5 months and save 10EUR each month, you would have to be pretty poor to notice the purchase in your budget. If you’re too poor for that you probably don’t own a computer, but if you do you will still come far with the free version of Renoise.

It’s only my decision though and i have nothing against anyone who decides to give away a license, there might be someone out there who really needs it. ^_^

A while ago I actually got the impression (if it’s wrong I apologize in advance) that the Renoise team doesn’t even worry about recording the output of renoise, because you’re limited to songs that can play in realtime (no heavy VST use) anyway… so yeah, get that minimal techno record deal and then buy renoise, it’s all good I guess ^^

Again, unless I misunderstood something. And I completely agree about the donation/support part, so don’t get this post wrong… it’s just incredibly rare to have coders/owners of such slick software remain human - that to me is a HUGE part of the fun of working with Renoise.

I’ve sent a mail to them. I am not going to be disappointed if it’s not possible. I would still like Renoise.

The other way to a free license is composing for Beatbattle and end up in the top 5, a few top 10ers in the last beatbattle already had a Renoise license so their license got passed to someone who didn’t had one.
And you got some time to practise for the upcoming one.

Yeah it is not a lot of money.

But it is a lot of money if you of an artistic temperament and have run up loads of debt buying beer and funding pointless ventures in a bid to find yourself.

I am speaking from experience. I am over all that now though. Haha

Usually the lack of a good set of parents on the right moment is the cause for this type of result (or just puberty)…

The offer is not longer available.

No problem… I plan to buy it when version 1.9 gets released for 60 EUR (incl. VAT in Germany :blink:) although the demo version has all what I need (but the registration requester is so annoying).

And no, I don’t want to get it for free because I also want to support the developers. :)
That’s also the reason why I didn’t send my song to the BB5 competition because it was far too risky that I could make it into the top 5 and get a copy of Renoise for free… :panic:
I want to pay!