Renoise For Ipod Touch

I’m enjoying all this tracker revival, renoise and its community. Now it’s time to move this forward and make a renoise installation for ipod touch. Then I happily pay double to get it :) Anyone agrees with me?


1] reduced functionalities:
Renoise is not Protracker, you won’t be able to have the same functionalities you have on a PC/Mac. Give a look at Milkytracker if you want an example of a tracker for handhelp devices.

2] more work for developers to mantain another version:
Renoise comes for two platform (Mac/Win), and Linux will come soon. No additional licensing cost will be asked to license owners. Porting an application to another platform is not always (i.e.: is never) as easy as snapping your fingers, really. Porting a PC application to IPod touch would simply be hell.

3] no market:
Ok, IPod is a very popular mp3 player. Windows is a very popular operating system. How many Windows users do use Renoise? A little percentage, I think. Now think how many Ipod Touch users will use Renoise for Ipod Touch…

I don’t think your idea is going to be taken in count, I’m sorry. However, of course you are welcome to share your thoughts with the community, and above all welcome (back) to tracking world.

I prefer a port for the Texas Instruments TI-83. Surely I am not the only one.

renoise 4 gameboy or gtfo

+1, if you want a tracker for mobile devices have a look at milkytracker for pocket-pc
works well, active developpement
and renoise can import


What about Renoise for my tamagotchis?

Renoise FTW

There is nitrotracker for the nintendo DS.
Or if you just want a sequencer, there is PSPseq and PSPrhythm for the PSP.

I do use this on my ipod touch:
really neat program, it basically turns your ipod touch or iphone into a mini jazzmutant lemur.

There may be a fool or two in the world that shares your wish, but my TI-83 already got busted five years ago.
What a shame.

I want renoise for my neo-geo-emu.

I’d like Renoise for my ENIAC

Renoise for the Acorn Electron, goddamnit.

Or the Spectravideo-328: :)

What about renoise for the Atari Falcon, plz.

How about the Timex Sinclair?

Renoise for organisms.

Here’s your IDE:

Maybe you could splice an XRNS decoder into a cockatoo for us. Cockatoos make great instruments :)