Renoise For Other Operating Systems

Is there any chance to port Renoise to MorphOS or PowerPC Linux?

brief answer: no.

long answer: I do not really think so, I am sorry.

PowerPC will never be supported again. Or so I believe I remember a comment from Taktik saying. It was supported it previous versions, so you may find a version that will work (can’t tell you offhand if it was PowerPC Mac only or if it would of covered Linux too.)

Unfortunately that means no updates for you ever but probably better than anything else you can find on it anyway…

EDIT: Seems I may be confused. I thought OSX had no PowerPC support but according to the System Requirements Renoise is still capable of running on a PowerPC Mac running OSX.

The description mentions PowerPC Linux, not PowerPC OSX.

Yes I know, I was saying I thought I had remembered there being a thread which said support for it had gone on Mac as well, thus more than unlikely to ever be even attempted for Linux, then I saw in the Requirements that it is still supported for OSX and it was my mistake that any PowerPC support had been removed.

Although that does also show that it was probably only ever Mac and unlikely even an old version would of run on PowerPC Linux, which I had originally hoped for the guy.