Renoise' Glinenote

hey all…

i’ve experienced some bad compatiblity of renoise
xm/mod import.

it’s also a topic for all other trackers i’ve tested on
the pc platform.

i’ve once tracked a song on amiga, using protracker2.3d,
used the 3xx and 5xx commands wich are for sliding your
notes to the one you specify with those commands.

it sounds correctly on amiga, on pc it sucked until i’ve
checked the “Amiga Frequency” tab in ft2’s config menu.
since then it also sounded 98% correctly in pc with ft2.

so … i’ve converted it to xm, added more channels, and
fixed it up abit. checked it with xmplay, all good.

checked it with modplugplayer/tracker, this and that player/tracker.
and it always sucked even as xm.

now i’ve tried renoise and to my disappointment renoise
sucked the most trying to convert my node slides :(

i was able to fix the slides in modplugtracker but i çan’t
get it fixed in renoise, wether with ft2/amiga or renoise
slide option. …

cud teh renoise team check about that? wud save my life…

ReNoise only support XM loading, not playing.

It has been clarified lots of times that the more ReNoise enhances, the less effort will be given into retrocompatibility.

We all know that XM files are played badly, but supporting XM playing would require completely separated routines, which (believe me when I say this, as I colalborated with XMPlay’s author for more than one year) are really hard to get 100% working.

So don’t expect this situation to improve; if you really need an XM to be played and edited correctly, please get a windows98 partition and use FT2.

Damn, I’m making this little guideline for tracking on my homepage, and I just had to take a picture of FT2…

Haven’t seen/used that program in about a year.

Holy crap, after using Renoise for about a year-and-a-half, FastTracker2 looks like someones nightmare…


Still though, that’s the program I used for 5 years, so… Shouldn’t be putting it down, but just the look of it compared to Renoise… it’s just crazy. Now I understand why I got so impressed when I first saw Renoise.


I’m done :P