Renoise goes "fullscreen" when saving a song

Particularly noticeable if you save a large .xrns. When you save a large .xrns, it runs through all the samples at the bottom and then gets the “not responding” part of the save process that I’ve just considered normal for as long as I can remember. Anyways, in 3.1, during the “not responding” part of the save process, Renoise goes fullscreen, covering the start bar.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


16 GB ddr3

SSD’s all around

Is it possible to make a screenshot of this? Not exactly sure what you mean here with “goes fullscreen”.

Also is it a real problem or just a cosmetical issue?

It’s not a massive problem, but it does cover up the taskbar, meaning you can’t click on other programs or the start button etc. It’s hard to get a screenshot of, because it happens during the “not responding” part, and if I press ctrl, before I can press prt scrn it pops up the “do you want to close this” message box. I managed to snag one though.

It also does it sometimes when I load a large .xrni, which is how I was able to snag this screen. Note that it has that washed out color to it that happens on windows sometimes when a program goes not responding. That only happens when I try to take a screenshot though, otherwise it’s normal colors but just fullscreened.

After trying to replicate it again, I think the easiest way to replicate it is by pressing ctrl, which is the hotkey to play the song, but since the song is saving it can’t play yet. It does the fullscreen thing a ton without pressing any key at all, but this does make it easier to replicate. I snagged a video of it:

It took me a few tries to replicate, so skip to 1:24.