Renoise Gui Slow On Geforce 6800 Le

Renoise GUI slow on Geforce 6800 LE … dunno why? it was faster on my old geforce 3 it seemed… i installed all the latest drivers…

even fade in or out gui effects in renoise are very slow

what means “slow” ? unusable slow or just slower than before ?

well… the pattern editor seems to skip a bit in frames when playing… and those fade in/out effects as well … especially when u play a few tracks about 50% cpu … but with my old gfx card i didnt have it this slow… it was smooth and fast gui…

it seems slower at 0% cpu idle and when playing it gets unusable slow… even with a few simple tracks

it seems to run better in 16bit mode … was using 32bit before… also textures disabled helps a bit

I have the same card and no problems. Have you tried re-installing something?

i reinstalled winxp with sp2 … latest drivers …but i also had it with my last xp installation… since i changed my geforce card

What drivers are you using? Detonator? ForceWare? I have ForceWar 66.81 drivers, you can get them from

e:How is it doing in games? Have you enabled the masked pixel and vertex units?

same drivers here… runs great on all apps and games… also enabled stuff in rivatuner yes… latest motherboard drivers via hyperion 4-in-1

Hmm, sounds really strange. I have no clue, maybe there’s differences between cards from different manufacturers. I have Gainwards card.

As a workaround if you disable GUI effects, are things still disturbingly slow? Because I don’t think this is up to 6800LE chipset, it is working fine with me.

Maybe trying to diable the enabled masked units? Although I very much doubt that it should have effect, since everything else runs fine.
I don’t get it.

tbh i have no clue what brand it is… i just bought it in a sack (OEM bag)

Are any errors/warnings logged in Renoises “log.txt” file ?

seems all ok… no failures… its just my gui behaves slow/skippy :w00t: