Renoise Hero

Renoise Hero.




I think it could be fun, and it’s a great way to introduce people, to how the keyboard is played like a real piano. Just too bad many keyboards have problems pressing certain keys at the same time though.

Well, I subscribe to the old-fashioned definition of a hero: someone who selflessly help others.
So, everybody who has shared his/her music, production tips, making scripts or just being plain helpful is a Renoise Hero

Well, unless they are going for fame and fortune, that is ??? :D


Sound like a great idea.

Until all us veteran tracker and Renoise users get thrashed by our 5 year old nieces and nephews.

(You do mean like Guitar/DJ Hero yeah?)


the game should involve hex calculation skills somehow

So he is free macon :rolleyes:


Vivace, Keith303, Kaneel, It-alien, Jonas the plugexpert, Basically all the gurus out there (no I’m not kissing ass I’m just a fan)
Vsnares, Enduser…

charly you could be on that list yourself imo.

Thanx JBL, but I’m still not a guruh :(

… I will be in 50 posts from now!! :w00t:

Wait… hmmm so say when the line comes moving down you have to get the note and the effect columns and shit right before it hits? Like überfast tracking?