Renoise Ignores Ztxx Tempo Changes In Rewire Slave Mode


I am using Reaper as rewire master and Renoise as rewire slave. The Renoise project has some tempo changes though effect commands (ZTxx), but Renoise seems to ignore them. I have checked “Allow slave to set tempo” in Reaper. If I set the tempo manually it works as expected. Only the pattern effect command seems to be affected. If I open the Renoise project in standalone mode then everything works as expected.

Please see attached screenshot.

I am using Renoise 2.8 beta 6 32bit, and Reaper 4.151.

Any ideas? Should I try downloading an older Renoise version and see if that works?

Edit: also happens with Renoise 2.7.2.


How is your synchronisation mode set in the Renoise reWire (Audio) preferences?

Yes, it is. You must set up BPM automation in the master to get a somewhat reliable timing.

Hi, I’m working with logic 9 and renoise as slave. I really need to use the ZTxx command to manipulate tempo because any other way is simply catastrophic for what I need. Is there any way that I can use the ZTxx to set up the time?
Or if its totally impossible, can I use renoise as master and use another application as slave to record audio?

Why not make renoise the master?