Renoise Installer hangs, process cannot be ended

I’m having a new issue with Renoise, in that I try to load it, and nothing comes up, tried it a few times, I goto my processes and there’s a load of Renoise.exe’s at 124K sitting there that cannot be closed. The same thing happens when I try to reinstall it to Renoise_Reg.exe*32. It worked on one attempt after I restarted and it’s back to doing this again. I have never had this issue before. Any ideas how I should try to figure this one out?

Do you use Avast antivirus or something similar? If so, try disabling it. We’ve recently had some reports that Avast is mistakenly interfering with the Renoise process.

Can confirm the avast anti-virus:
While installing update on my laptop… during the installation, some extracted executable got blocked “momentary” by avast… resulting in a few errormessages… silly enough… after avast was done scanning.
the whole setup continued…

note, this scanning took 20!! seconds on my 8core I7 laptop…