Renoise Instrument Modulation LFO Free Run?

Hai guise! Long time tracker fan here. Been using ZTracker for the last decade and a half to sequence hardware and wanted to try shaking things up by switching to Renoise. I’m still working out the kinks, but redoing the shortcuts and key bindings helped tremendously. There are some quirks, but I think I can work around them. (There’s no such thing as a perfect tracker, right?) There’s just one thing that’s bugging the hell out of me and I was hoping someone might have a workaround:

When creating sample-based instruments, the filters are freakin’ awesome because of all the cool things you can do with the envelopes and other modulation. The only problem I have is that the LFO resets every time a note is triggered. Is there a way to set the LFO to free run? Thanks a ton for any help!

As far as I know, free running LFOS in instrument modulation is yet to be implemented. The work around is to assign an Instrument macro to an instrument parameter. Then in the Edit window, select a track and insert an instrument macro device and an LFO. Link the LFO to the instrument macro parameter, and you’ll have a free running LFO on instrument filters, for instance. Use macros wisely as we only get 8 per instrument, but that is already enough to get lost in. Also important to remember that modulation that occurs on a track does not effect audio routing of the instrument, unless you manually set the instrument’edfect chain(s) to output to a particular track. Hope that helps.

So the LFO meta device can be assigned to control the instrument’s filter and not just the effects? That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll try it when I get home tonight. Thanks a ton!

Yeah, any instrument parameter that can be linked to a macro is able to be modulated. Pretty neat!