Renoise instruments?

Hi guys,

I have some old songs that I wrote using Impulse Tracker and ModPlug player that I am “porting” to Renoise. However, in my “porting” process I am removing all the ripped samples and instruments I took from I-do-not-know-where and I want to replace them for instruments I am licensed to use. I got a Roland M1 software and I am also using NLogPoly Synth too that use the AU interface to renoise. Anyway, I would want to use renoise native instruments (XRNI) because Renoise has a far better control over them than over the plugged in instruments, right?

Do you know some libraries of very good Renoise native instruments?



Hi there,

I don’t think there are any comprehensive libraries in Renoise format. The developers planned a library system for 3.0, but didn’t finish it in time. We might see it in the future.
There are some (random) instruments posted in this forum, though. However, if you are looking for more classical ones, I can only remember a post from someone who put a free orchestra library into Renoise format.

Taktik mentioned in the 3.0 release thread that the library has been delayed and will come with the release of Redux. From what I understand (and I may be totally wrong about this), this will happen at some point this year.

Currently the best place to get Renoise 3.0 native instruments is the Tips And Tricks section, but there is also an unofficial hub in the works:

You should also take advantage of the plugin grabber. Dial in a sound you like in a plugin synth, plugin-grab it, and mangle it natively in renoise with the new modulation system and effects per sample system.