Renoise Internal Eq And Low-end Bass


(It’s an xrns inside a zip, my host is having problems with an actual xrns, so the redundancy is not an illusion)

I’ve flat-lined the EQ.

Looking at the Master Spectrum as well as looking at the free Inspector VST, there is an unacceptable amount of signal coming in below 200 Hz. Everything else is above 200Hz acceptably attenuated…

Is this right?

How do I cut out the low-end?

You could chain a bunch of (maybe 3) HP 2x2 Pole filters set at around 250hz instead of using the EQ. Filters are great for simply removing low or high frequencies.

I often use <.01khz Cutoff, 0% Resonance Highpass filters to do 2 things:

  1. Remove nasty inaudible bass mud that makes the rest of the mix clip
  2. Remove any DC offset faster than the Automatic DC offset plugin can

To preface, I can get rid of the unwanted signal using the EQ with T-Racks (In addition to EQ parameters, it has lowcut and highcut knobs) but i’d rather use internal Renoise effects to keep my CPU consumption down.

I tried using the High Pass filters. There is still signal coming in below 200Hz. (?!)

I was able to get rid of the low-end it using 5 HP 2x2 Pole filters, but why can’t I use one? It’s supposed to be a hi-pass filter after all

I think there’s something odd with Renoise’s EQ/Filters when it comes to signal below the 200Hz range.

If someone could explain to me that I am in the wrong, and that this work as expected, please do!

I just compared the Renoise filter with the Open Source Crayon Filter (First time I ever used it today):

Renoise High Pass (HP 2x2 Pole, HP 2 Pole, and HP Moog) allows a shitload of 200Hz and below bass rumbling pass.

Crayon Filter, not so much…


Yeah, the filters seem to be broken at the moment. I’m currently using the GVST ones instead, so it’s all good.…7&hl=filter

Ah, ok!

Thanks for the insight.

i was redirected to this thread from another thread.

so it looks like people would like to have “renewed” the filter 2 then,as it “doesent do the job properly”

if this is going to happen,and i believe taktik at one point has said it will

would it then be an idea to look at some of the other good filter plugs out there for comparison,or ideas to use in making this new filter plug??