Renoise internal MIDI mapping


A while ago, i installed MIDI Yoke because i wanted to send the MIDI clock to multiple OUT’s on my MIDI interface (in conjunction with MIDI-OX).

After installing the 8 virtual MIDI ports, all my saved Renoise songs lost their correct mappings to my MIDI interface. In the real world these kind of configuration changes won’t happen that much, so it’s really not a big deal, but none of my other software had any troubles after installing MIDI Yoke.

Does Renoise map to so some internal MIDI device table in Windows (which can be variable) or does it map to the actual name of the device as it appears in software?

Maybe i was a bit unlucky because it wasn’t very easy to install MIDI Yoke on my Win2k system, so it could be that i screwed something up myself.

Nothing big, but i’am wondering if Renoise handles the mapping a bit different then other sequencers do.



currently it stores only an index, maybe the better but still simple solution would be to store the name of the device ?

I had the same problem when installing midi yoke (though it was not a big thing, there were only two song who used external midi), so, yes it would be better to use the name instead of an index.


I don’t have a clue how other sequencers handle this kind of mapping, but doing it by name seems the most logical way to get the job done.

I usually name my instruments something like ‘jv1010.string’ or something, so fortunally it wasn’t that hard to find the old settings back :D

Perhaps you can fix this on a rainy sunday :D . I understand it doesn’t have a lot of priority at this moment.

Thanks for reading!