Renoise Irc

wtf??? i can t connect on that channel!!

He is in the channel already. :)

Wait guys, i’m wrong, we have a “megaweezl” here. Sorry!

it s strange!! i scanned with avast and nod32 … i don t have trojan…

ok my provider is a bit strange (i use radio connection to a big antenna near my house and the internet guy looks a bit strange but it s cheap)

so i have to ask sorbs? mmmm… well :(

You’re out of luck i guess.

hey m0d, is there anything we can do to let this guy join the channel?
Renoise Irc
well it does tell the guy what to do about that… he has to contact them
ok, just hoped there might be a way without contacting them
the issue is this: his IP has belonged to a host that was recruited for spamming
spam email, etc…
yeah, annoying for sure
being dynamic means these IPs get shared around
can i quote you?
his best effort might be to obtain a new ip from his provider, perhaps by forcing a renew
er, sure, i guess.
saves me some tying :P
this DNS blacklist is not maintained by the IRC network
it is a central database
thanks anyway, i’ll let him know
also he can request a delisting by actually going to

Do you have a fixed or dynamic IP address?