Renoise is awesome

I’m new to Renoise, love the demo, and once I get paid I’m purchasing a license. :smiley:

I’ve tested the demo out on various set-ups and platforms, and I must admit. It is a work of art.

yes, it’s quite the lovely beast!

I agree. Once I switched over to Renoise everything became so much more fun! I always loved making music but with Renoise it’s all the more better.

I posted one of these “I love Renoise” posts back when I purchased in 2012. I took a break from tracking for a few years due to my life circling the drain, but I’ve since bounced back and I’m getting hooked all over again. I got to rediscover Renoise by jumping back in on version 3.0.1 and WOW , I didn’t think it could get any better but it certainly has… I’m glad to see it still has such a great development team and community!

welcome to the crew!


New to renoise too (though I have used trackers occasionally in the distant past). Tried the demo and had to purchase straight away.
So cheap for what you can get out of it, and it has greatly expanded my creative possibilities, which for me i find priceless.
It has all ready inspired me in many ways and helped a lot with work flow, personally it’s a game changer.
Have also noticed myself trying to convince others to buy a copy, without realizing.
Hats off to the developers, I couldn’t be more happier!

I’m an old user coming back when i decide to polish up some old amiga mods to make them into proper tracks and I have to say I’m loving it. The inertial slider/inst automation work-round for midi pitchbends is nice too as that used to be one of my big SADFACE issues back in the day.