Renoise is exceptionally bad as a vst host when sequenced externally (cirklon 2 )

I love renoise but this is more of a rant about renoise being a vst host , iow instruments and vst’s being sequenced from hardware
I have one of the finest/tighest hardware sequencers on the market , cirklon 2
I didn’t even use the cirkloon usb out but the physical midi out and using the roland integra as a midi interface
Here is a project with two files , first reaper being the host , the other renoise
The instrument being controlled is a single microtonic channel .
Sequenced at 140 bpm , first the sequencer doing 16th notes , then 32 the notes and lastly 64 th notes
Renoise just struggles with the input , even noticeable at 16 th notes .
Reaper otoh is supertight
Will do some more testing with other hosts , but damn this is bad

Edit added a new file , both alligned to see the actual jitter
Left channel reaper (upper ) , right channel renoise (lower )
Noppes can’t do , filesize too big ( even after rarring )

exceptionally bad.xrns (3.8 MB)

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Testing loomer architect ( one of my favourite programs )
Handles the dense midi input without any problems
C’mon developers , fix this

Yeah I have to say, I’ve lways had latency difficulties with Renoise but have ended up making it work somehow…mainly recording the audio then chopping it after.

If it was a live situation it would be more difficult to resolve this. I feel your pain!

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This has nothing to with latency , latency is just an added value but at least it’s constant
In this case it’s jitter between received midi events ,meaning the vst’s that produces the audio sound drunk
so there is NO use in recording the audio .
If you look at the screenshots and listen to the files you’ll notice that the 16th , 32nd and 64 steps don’t have equal spacing between them because renoise is not accurately capturing the incoming midi data , while reaper does .

Summary , renoise is ONLY used as an instrument host , all the midi data it receives comes from the cirklon , renoise’s play button is NOT used

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I said there is NO use in recording audio when renoise is used as a vst host andd sequenced externally because of the midi jitter , so why would I record jiitery hi-hats ??
Sure I record in renoise , when I sequence my hardware with renoise and it’s all verry tight but this is NOT what this is about .
Let me clarify , I am NOT talking about renoise midi out capabilities .
That has been rock solid for ever , I have been using renoise to sequence hardware instruments , vst’s and it does it exceptionaly well
This is about the MIDI IN data that is processed by renoise to trigger vst instrument
So renoise is just used a mixer where each channel holds a vst , the midi it receives is coming from the cirklon .
If you have a midi keyboard connected to renoise , think of replacing that midi keyboard with a hardware sequencer controlling/sequencing plugins .
Let’s no deviate from the topic and wait what the developers have to say about this

@ developers
You don’t need a cirklon to test this , just any hardware sequencer will do ( assumming it 's pretty tight )
Just create some 32 , 64 th notes in your hw seq. and send it to a vst in renoise

Renoise is the green track , jittering is already obvious at 16th notes
Right click open in new tab to see full screen
Cantabile also struggles with 64 th notes(yellow trck )


I have the same feeling about any midi keyboard input in Renoise since some version, timing is pretty random, and never is recorded exactly as played (macos 10.14.6 here).

After reading @gentleclockdivider 's post, I also think that midi out in Renoise is affected, too. I once sent midi out from Renoise to record it in Bitwig. I then stopped these experiments, because of extremely poor timing. Back then I really wondered, because CoreMidi is known to be rock solid, even with a virtual routing.