Renoise keybinds with numpad and numbers

Quick question I’m sure anyone can answer. Does Renoise consider the numpad keys as separate keys from the numeric keys above “QWERTY…”? The reason I am asking is because I am currently using a “tenkeyless” keyboard, which is just a regular keyboard that is missing numpad keys. I am considering purchasing a new keyboard that has numpad keys, specifically so I can create additional Renoise keybinds using the numpad. But, just want to make sure that Renoise actually considers them a separate set of keys before buying.

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i can suggest why would i go for the full keyboard (with numpad).
loop block = enter within numpad
loop block length adjustment = cmd + * or /
octave change = * or /
numpad keys 1-9 = select instrument

i think that numpad keys are separated from the main numbers just because you use numbers as midi input/black keys - but this is my guess. Yes i suppose this is correct as we can see from the bindings:

e1 e2

Yup yup. Without a numpad or some creative alt shift mappings you’ll have to use your mouse a lot more. In addition to what dspasic layed out I accidentally stumbled onto control + 1-9 as track mute. Really handy. I’m thinking about maybe seeing if I can add a shift or alt to that for track solo.