Renoise Keyboard


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a ‘renoise keyboard’ for people who has hard to lern the keys in Renoise… ?

A sticker kit like this (for cubase) would be great:

Anyone dare to challenge? :D



I have painted the Note Octaves on my keyboard which really helped, but this is even better. If we could combine the two that would be great.

I dont have enough time on my hands though…

Yeeha!. Seems nice, but isnt expected until late 2007… and it looks expensive… :(

C’mon folks. Make my day! ;)


Paint costs f**** all and you can do it right this very second…

I dont think my boss will be happy if he finds out that I’ve painted his keyboard ;)


Me likey that idea.


but the optimus is really about to arrive ? last time I checked it was only a design-study far from becoming reality.

avid (a video-cutting-software) gets shipped with a coloured keyboard btw. looks abit like kindergarten, but is very useful as I heard.

“Don’t expect until late 2007.” is written here :(


Get yourself down to Games Workshop.

Black keyboard = pot of Skull White Paint, pot of Ultramarine Blue.

White Keyboard = pot of Ultramarine Blue, pot of Chaos Black

plus a small paint brush.

Probably costs about 5 queen quids in total.

Paint your keyboard around the edges of the keys (not on top obviously) and you will be fine.

I guess that is what I got to do… for now. But I have to buy an ordinary keyboard first. I wont paint my laptops keyboard ;) Damn it! :P


Haha. I painted mine. It makes it look cool.

Hey. Why don’t you post a photo? Just for inspiration… :)

…And tell me it doesnt look like this:




This is my piece of shit laptop.

Sorry the picture is tiny. It is off my phone.

Just the octaves on the keyboard. Tasteful.

That is just a Sony sticker under the screen you know… This is the new Kevlar Mac Pro 10. Trust me, it is amazing.

And note the smashed in mouse keys. Sony…Ahem I mean… Apple shit quality.

Never buy Sony.

(the spacebar is f****ed too, and the Left, Right, Down keys are busted)

this one could be nice, too =)

Oh, thats cheap!.. not. hehe :blink: