Renoise Keygen

Because the renoise developers ask outrageous price of 49 EUR for Renoise, I didn’t have any other choice than to write this software. Seriously people, 49 euros for a full blown DAW with VST and Rewire support, exceptional stability, fast workflow and support for all major platforms?! I’d say it’s worth 48 euros maximum!

Anyway, if you don’t have loads of money then go here:

This will generate you Renoise key for no money at all!

No spyware or viruses included! Deal of a lifetime!

well dread! :D

Very nice! I just wish I hadn’t registered a couple of weeks ago! ;)

hahaha, that’s killer. you should make an .exe of it and upload it to a torrent tracker, seriously :)

About torrents, I was thinking of uploading demos and saying it’s a registered version and add a link to the order page…

it could be a really good way to stop the true torrents.

but seriously, i hope this keygen waste hacker’s time.

Hehe, funny :D
Got a nice key for 2.1 beta now.

lol i was gonna ask “isn’t it a bad idea to encourage piracy???” and then it finally finished and i got it…

haha nice, i had lowered the sound incase of a rick roll video lol

I had lowered the sound in case of that stupid demon face with a shriek that so many people like to startle people with these days.

Not bad, not bad. Maybe it will tick off some warez users, which is always a good use of time. :)

Am I mistaken, or does the same key work for all versions of the software?


this is a cool idea for stop piracy…

i hate warezed software…

That’s quite simple…
rename the renoise demo executable to Renoise_reg.exe
Generate an Install.dat that contains approx. 13Mb of rubbish
Add both files to and share.
Also upload various times to Rapidshare and spread those links on the designated warez forums and share-sites.

sneaky sneaky. Ha ha! ;)

the community got bored. there is too many pointless topics nowadays…

Yeah, the community is boring people!

Stop making the majority of people laugh and generate me a real key, I’m broke, I’m using a warzed version until there’s an arranger, see buzzchurch for more detail!

Wait, did I think that or type that?

pfff, no comment.

Spoofing is bad idea nowadays, you waste your own time as they are voted down at instant. Actually only way to make people buy renoise is make people want to buy renoise. There are many good reasons why to register, like this community, early access, ability to get your ideas into the software, etc.

Also, I didn’t make this to fight off evil pirates. It’s just for fun. :) After some work, I guess it may be helpful for advertising.

Upgraded the keygen with fancy graphics and music. I hope the authors of this track won’t mind. :)

how many hits?

Wow, classic C64 cracked by intro style!