Renoise Keygen


REMEMBER to reboot BEFORE you reboot

Hello, welcome!
I think the keygen is only for Ubuntu, not windows.
Try to use your key in Ubuntu, but you will need to reboot your workstation before in that system too.
sorry for my english.
Yo hablo español. Linux es mucho mejor para musica que windows.
Linux is much better for music software & keygens, use that!

Why isn’t the keygen for v1.75 on there? I rebooted by the way, and it still doesn’t show and other keys don’t fit. Hurrumph.

Are you sure it’s plugged in?

Ok, here we go for our debian / ubuntu users:

sudo apt-get install renoise-keygen
sudo init 6

login again and make sure that no x-server like is running
init 6

login again and compile a the newest linux kernel
init 6
init 0

power on again your computer system and boot into linux
su -
rm /etc -R
init 6 and see how it works :)

using on your own risk!

Perhaps a real keygen for renoise could cost more than its own! ;)

If nothing works, build your own PC, reboot it 100 times, unsinstall then reinstall everything on your own PC, transfer everything from old PC to new custom-built-PC, and explode in rage.

me likes it :D

Great! It worked, thanks guys! :D

Are you sure you are plugged in? :P

Someone told me that cracked versions of renoise only work on Atari STs, I tried to get it to work but I dont think I rebooted enough.

Dont forget to reboot! :)

Im making a patch in pure data to reboot the computer every 64 bars, this way renoise will work cracked.


Only saw this thread now while searching the forum for tips on how to get my Access Virus B synced… found this, clicked, lulz and fucking KILLER TUNE.


No stupid, you need to get a LPT DAC and hook it up to mom’s HIFI first! :D

This thing still works for me on v2.7! Thanks Suva!

I try to keep it updated, it actually works even with 2.8 alpha releases. :P

That’s a fatty tune behind it.

That’s funny. :lol:

Page is down :/.

Oops. I updated the DNS entries. Should shortly reappear.