Renoise License Giveaway

Renoise has made two long sought after goals of mine possible:

  1. Making music entirely on Linux.
  2. Making music on a computer in a fast, intuitive way mostly without a mouse.

Since this is worth a lot more than 49 euro to me, I’m going to buy two more licenses and give them away in this thread to the first two people to post here. Please don’t do this if you are already a licensed user. I’d like to use this as an opportunity to get a few more people on board.


I know you didn’t want previously unlicensed users to reply to this, but I couldn’t help it; i’ve been searching for an opportunity to make music on Linux too, and looks like I finally found a way! I would be grateful for you generous offer, but also would understand if you don’t think I qualify for the gift as offered.

Best regards,

Oops… sorry, I got so hasty I misread your post. :P
So I guess I qualify after all… :)

well i don´t know if this is a joke…but i was thinking about purchasing renoise, since my demo is expirering in a few days and i am allready addicted to this software;)

i am definetly in for this offer :D


Long time use renoise(cracked, patched, etc…), but haven’t money for buyin.
Have some freeware soft, but its not so flexible as renoise. I want to use personal license version. If U dont joke and can help - will be glad.

Congratulations to those who walk away with a free licence and hats off to kuniklo for his generous offer.

For everyone else there’s still a chance to become licensed. The shop is open 24/7! :)

Have a look at the Music Competitions forum. There’s a “Immortal Empire” - competition with cash prizes running. Get into the top 3 and you are set.

Congrats mindfilter and compact. Please pm me with your email address and I’ll sign you up.

you´ve got mail :D

many thanks again!!

I would suggest you to pick folks that have potential but no cash…
hint: try adding a topic on the compo forum.


Good idea, but too late. If I decide to do this again at some point I might do that.

I started tracking (with fasttracker, then ft2) when I was 14 years old, and I’ll do my best not to let you guys down… ;)

Ok. Both registrations purchased. Watch your email.

Looks like Norway and Germany are our lucky winners today. Seems like Renoise is a lot more prevalent in Europe than here in the U.S.

Nice gesture kuniklo!! :) and congrads to lucky license receivers! ;)

Very cool kuniklo!


nice one…i am very thankful for this!

big ups from germany :drummer:

I totally feel like we are one big family :D

that was really cool of you kuniklo :)

This dominating atmosphere and mood is really what makes this place very welcoming. This is great :walkman:

Never mind, next BeatBattle will be another chance.

nice innitiative indeed …so you are welthy enough to just give licenses away to strangers ?( 100 E)…nice indeed …