Renoise License Question

hello all,

just a quick question. does my license permit the use of renoise or more than one computer?

eg have renoise in my studio and have renoise at my house? i own both computers and its only me using it, and not at the same time.

happy renoise user

a bit offtopic, but something that i’d like to have for this purpose - i am studying sound and we have a studio where i’d like to install renoise and use the studio monitors to check my tunes work on mixdown etc, but i wouldn’t like other guys to have access to my renoise or my projects… so what i would like to have in renoise would be an option to lock the software with password that would be asked when you start the program

if possible, ask to the administrator of the studio to create an user for you, and install Renoise only for that user.

there is no software asking for a password to run, since the OS you run Renoise on has everything you would need in order to prevent other users to run your software.

that’s the thing, we use only 1 account… don’t ask why xD
i know i could probably find some software to lock renoise for me, just wondering if it would be so much hassle especially, if we’d like to protect leaking renoise etc

B-complex: If you just wanna check out your tracks in the studio and can live without ASIO, you could use the Renoise Demo there instead. No harm done then.

I think he needs the WAV writer in order to study changes to apply to his mixdowns.

I see no other ways than to remove registered Renoise each time…

What about installing Renoise on your USB stick and simply remove the stick when done?
Fairly easy and a whole range of USB sticks come with data encryption possibilties (though slightly more expensive) so protecting Renoise should not be a problem either.
Your usb stick won’t be shared automatically either so neither chance that someone can sneaky download it to another location.