Renoise, Linux and VST

I’m a Gnu/Linux x64 Renoise user (actually I’m doing some practice with the Demo, I’m in love with it).
I was trying to load vst into Renoise.
I first made a ~/.vst/ directory, put some vsts (all .dll) and vst directories into it but Renoise still says “0 vst found”.

Then I added the VST_PATH, but nothing changed.

I also tryied with the x86 one, but nothing changed.

Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you ahead for the help

i hope you did not place windows dll in the vst directory. atm renoise only supports native vsts directly.

To be more specific:Dll files can only run in Windows, not in Linux, at least not without hassle (like using Wine and a Vst wrapper host).

I did manage to run some on AVLinux which seems to have this support kind of built-in (Wine configured etc)… that was awesome. Now I use Carla / Festige sometimes to rock a kick ass compressor for the drum section.

I thank you all for the kind answer.
Yes, I’ve seen that to use VST under Gnu/Linux I should do some things out of Renoise, which means open the single VST with a VST host and link the server out to Renoise trough Jack.
But, if so, why in the Renoise User Manual there’s a section for the VST_PATH?
This means that it is possible to automate the vst linking process?

I also read:
“is possible you can find VST plugins for Linux only in binary form. ALWAYS check if the VST plugin you have installed meets all its dependencies! (to make this check see the “Checking what’s wrong” section below)”

I checked the section below, but it only talks about Linux library linking (and Libraries seems to be perfectly linked). I also don’t understand the concept of vst in “binary form” because I always used vsts in .dll. Someone know what’s that about?

I’ll probably go discovering the marvelous world of Ladspa and of course experimenting with what Renoise give me,
but I want first want to discover what’s the VST_PATH for and how can I continue using some of my old affective vst.

There’s someone that’s still using Renoise under Linux with VST without managing things out of Renoise?


There are ways of using windows VSTs with wine, and there’s a DSSI host plugin that will handle windows VSTs. You can indeed route VSTs from external hosts into renoise - a good idea would be to use that to create samples or your own renoise instruments so that you don’t have to rely on the windows plugins. To be honest though (IMHO) it isn’t worth the hassle. I have used VST plugins under windows, but since I no longer use windows at all I don’t really miss having loads of them around. I found it quite liberating really! Some users would probably disagree with that :-)It’s all about whatever works for you.

Renoise works with LADSPA, DSSI and native VST - there are some good quality VST plugins out there, some free, some commercial. Maybe one day there’ll be LV2 support too :wink:

Don’t forget native linux audio software can work alongside renoise via JACK the same way as those windows VST hosts. The mighty zynaddsubfx (or yoshimi) is a classic example.

If it helps, I found that I got the best compatibility with windows VST was by using reaper under wine. You’ll need the wineasio driver to connect reaper to JACK. This could be awkward with a 64 bit distro though. Expect to do some compiling. Again, I found I was enjoying renoise/music more by sticking to linux-only software.

Windows VST have .DLL extension
Linux VST have .SO extension

As simple as that. You need VST plugins which are specially made for Linux. If there is no mention of Linux on the VST page, you can be 100% sure it’s not made for Linux.

Linux has VSTs
Windows has VSTs
Mac (both OSX and older; OS9 for eg) has VSTs.

THEY DO NOT WORK ON EACH OTHERS SYSTEMS!!! They all have different file extensions. .dll for Windows. .so for Linux. I admit I’m unsure about Mac. Universal Binaries don’t seem to have any extension… I’ve seen people mention .vst on forums though.

To run a VST in Linux it either needs to be a native Linux VST or you are going to have to battle through a few steps to run the Windows version, after doing lots of reading and messing about with Lash, dssi-vst and Wine (from what I understand at least, I never bothered when experimenting with Linux personally. I had enough more basic issues not to try fighting with that one.)

I thank you all,
you were really clear.
I had chances to test Renoise sample potential and I’m proud of it. The only tool I’m missing directly in the box is the noise reduction. But I’ve found that a guy did it New Tool (2.8): Noise Reduction

I really think now that my use of vst was only a bad habit.

I do prefer to work with pure audio samples,
if a day I’ll need some old vst sound I’ll use the method used by sji, recording and resampling.

So thank you all very much,
I’ll probably buy my license today :)

Thank you!

You can get native VST plugins for Linux:

There are plenty more spots, i just give you a start.
Some are Lv2 plugs, these are unfortunately not yet supported.

Thank you vV,
but for now I’ll keep avoiding VST :)