hello everyone. so i recently got a dell mini 10 netbook. i’m trying to decide my best linux options. who else is running renoise/linux/netbook?

What’s your favorite and/or most stable distro for running renoise?

i’m currently checking out Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It seems pretty good. It doesn’t have realtime kernals out of the box.

from my brief look around google, there seems to be tons of realtime kernal packages. Which do you use, and how do i go about installing them in UNR? Of course, you don’t have to explain it word for word…links would be just fine :)


I’m personally running Renoise on a thinkpad X40 (not exactly the netbook form factor, but probably less powerful than your machine) with Arch Linux and it runs pretty well.

With the standard (non-RT) kernel and my Edirol FA-66 soundcard, I can easily have less than 8ms of latency and a heavy demo song running flawlessly.

22tape, I have a Vostro A90, which is the “business” version of the Mini 9 and I haven’t found much success with running Renoise on it, in the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It’ll run, but strains under just a little load. I’ll admit, I haven’t really spent much time tweaking it or my Linux distribution, so you might get much more favorable results if you spend some time with it.

Good luck!

can’t you just forget this “Renoise on netbook” kinda discussions everywhere?
Using Renoise on a netbook is like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in fucking a dogout canoe!

i wasn’t aware that these discussions were going on “everywhere”. maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time on the internet. anyway, how do you know how i use renoise? i use it as a composition sketcher and an audio editor/sampler. a 1.6 processor and 1 gig of ram netbook is PLENTY for what I need from renoise.

thanks for your enlightenment.

hey neighbor! it’s probably not running well because UNR isn’t packaged with a realtime kernal. i’m gonna try some tweaking and try out some other distro’s and post here.


thanks Jiyunatori. ya, i’d rather not buy an external soundcard. :)

sorry, this shouldn’t start a flamewar…